Automotive OEM Glass

Vitro’s automotive glass is the preferred option for the main car manufacturers in the world.

Our laminated, tempered, and encapsulated products have the best performance in the most demanding safety, resistance, and quality tests in the industry as a result of the expertise of our project engineers, who work directly with each client.

Vitro assistance includes from designing the glass and the components that will set it on the vehicle, to the creation of packaging for delivery at the assembly line.

Producto Automotriz Original Vitro

Adapting to our client’s processes with innovative and value added solutions, as part of an integrated supply chain, has made Vitro a synonym to excellence in the automotive industry.

We apply the highest standards and have been recognized by the main manufacturers throughout the world as a reliable supplier and strategic partner. Get to know us.

For more than five decades, the iconic vehicles of the most recognized brands carry the distinctive quality stamp of Vitro’s automotive crystals.

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