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Vitro Parque El Manzano
30 years of history.
Wild Flora and Fauna:
Parque Ecológico Chipinque (natural reserve)
Vitro Parque El Manzano

“Nature is rich and it’s even more with human care”.

Vitro Parque El Manzano's project started operations in 1972 thanks to Roberto Garza’s vision, who developed the park's setting up, with the objective of encouraging families’ integration and ecological consciousness, as well as the safe coexistence among working partners and their families.

The park offers two vacational areas: Don Sotero and La Botella. Among both areas there are 35 cabins, 24 grills, 2 sheds, camping area, 2 rooms for business meetings and recreational areas where people can play softball, football, volleyball, as well as some swings and slides.

The park is located at 60 kilometers away from Monterrey, in the Sierra Madre Oriental in Santiago, Nuevo Leon. El Manzano's average altitude is 1650 meters above sea level and has an average temperature of 10 to 28 C in the summer and 15 to 10 C in the fall. It is the ideal place to enjoy with your family.

El Manzano forms part of Cumbres National Park.  There are 585 hectares divided in these areas: Los Patos, La Pedrera, Los Caballos, Puerto Gringo, Don Sotero and La Botella.
The park is rich in flora and fauna. Among the prevailing flora species, we can mention a variety of pine trees and holm oaks, as well as ash trees, apple trees and red shanks. Among the prevailing fauna species, we can see different wood peckers, humming birds, eagles, fox, deer, black bears, wild cats, wild turkey, raccoons, opossums, and squirrels.

In order to preserve the flora and fauna,  El Manzano counts with a team of people trainned in the prevention, battle and control of fire and plagues, as well as a 1900-meter observation tower. Whoever visits the park will, for sure, come back for it is an unforgettable place.

Vitro Parque El Manzano for all public
Available services:

  • Camping area
  • Renting of lodgings and cabins in Don Sotero and La Botella.
  • Private and/or institutional events.

    For further information and/or reservations contact Rocío López at 8379-0074 and 8377-6060, or by email at: rlopez@vitro.com


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