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Vitro offers products and services of the best quality, seeking to exceed customerīs expectations.
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As a leading supplier of specialty glass packaging to the U.S. market, Vitro Packaging, Inc. can tailor a service and glass stocking program to meet your special needs.

Service is supported by a 475,000 square foot primary warehouse facility in Laredo, TX and over 20 satellite warehouses and sales offices across the country. Your product and our support is always close at hand. To insure consistent quality standards throughout our supply chain, all 7 manufacturing facilities, as well as the corporate offices, warehouses and sales/service centers, have achieved ISO 9001 certification.

At Vitro Packaging, our focus will continue to be the voice of the customer . . . to provide a level of service and quality which exceeds our customers' expectations. We are committed to providing total package solutions using enhancement technologies to create product packages that have a competitive advantage on the market shelf.

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About Vitro Packaging
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