Residential Glass

Advancing residential glass technology for more than 70 years.

Vitro Architectural Glass has long been a trusted brand for residential window glass. Known for advancing the science of residential glass performance longer than any company in the nation, the company foreshadowed the green building movement in 1945 with the introduction of Twindow double-paned insulating glass—the world’s first successful application of double-paned insulating glass, with the promise to “keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.”

Now, nearly 70 years later, amid a growing global emphasis on energy savings and sustainable building, Vitro glass remains as dedicated to those ideals as ever. Current Vitro glass brands, such as Solarban® and Sungate® glasses, are among the most environmentally advanced residential glass products in the world.

Developed in Vitro glass laboratories and formulated with highly sophisticated, proprietary coatings, Vitro glass window glasses are specifically engineered to block solar heat gain in the summer, to help lower air-conditioning bills, and trap heat in the winter, so furnaces run less often. Windows with Vitro glass provide the clear glass look that homeowners demand for natural outdoor views and abundant daylighting that make living spaces brighter and more comfortable.

Intercept® Stainless Steel Space System: The Strongest ChoiceSM in residential windows.

Every residential window unit comprises two or more panes of glass separated by a spacer that holds the panes together, creating an insulating air space that adds an extra layer of protection from heat loss.

Spacers are a critical part of every window unit. They separate the panes of glass, providing structural integrity for the insulating glass unit (IGU) that makes up the window, along with a thermal and moisture seal that enhances the window’s thermal performance. Without an effective spacer, the window’s performance will be diminished and may ultimately fail.

The stainless-steel Intercept® Spacer System is the strongest, most durable and energy-efficient window spacer on the market. Intercept® Spacers, which are U-shaped in their design, support seal longevity by allowing the glass and sealant to move in tandem with the normal expansion and contraction of insulating glass throughout the day. This flexibility eliminates stress on both the sealant and the spacer, allowing all the components to work together seamlessly, creating a stronger window unit. 

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