State of the Art Technologies

Vitro’s line of technologically advanced automotive glasses offers unique benefits for car manufacturers.

Vitro partners with customers at the earliest stages of production. From initial concept to finished product, our design, engineering, program management and sales professionals provide quick response and full technical support to the global automotive market.

Using state-of-the-art predictive optics software, Vitro’s computer modeling and analysis aids in specifying glazing systems that provide the necessary optical properties within design parameters.

Vitro’s specialty automotive OEM glass products include:

  • WeatherMaster® heated windshields and doors that use MSVD conductive coatings to generate internal heat when electrical power is applied.
  • Sungate® enhanced performance infrared-reflective glass, which combines thermal comfort with excellent aesthetics. This provides passengers with a quieter interior environment, enhanced intrusion protection as well as protection from UV radiation.
  • Sungate® antenna windshield, which reduces heat load by reflecting solar energy, yet provides a hidden, high-quality AM and FM reception.
  • Safe and Sound® laminated security glass with a moisture-insensitive vinyl layer for comfort and strength.
  • Aquapel® water-repellent glass, a hydrophobic coating that causes water to bead and shed with airflow.
  • Enhanced head-up display (HUD) augmented-reality windshields that combine specialized glass processing with variable wedge-angle PVB to deliver larger image areas and accommodate multiple driver heights.
  • SPD and PDLC switchable glazing, which provides an electrochromic-film laminated between glass for variable control of light transmission.
  • Embedded side emitting optical fiber lighting for external signaling and approach, ambient and accent lighting.
  • Connected vehicle technology, which enables advanced communications through antenna connections integrated into Vitro glazings for GPS, vehicle diagnostic/monitoring software and smartphone apps.
  • Encapsulated glass for windshields, backlites, sunroofs and rear quarters.
  • Colorized glass using Vitro’s Solar Color Series of green, blue and gray privacy glasses.
  • High-chroma colorized reflective glass that offers a unique look for customized or limited-edition vehicles.
  • Autonomous/driver assist cameras and sensors integrated into laminated windshield and window glass to optimize performance and protect.
  • Embedded micro-LED lighting for direct cabin, approach, ambient and accent lighting.
  • Lightweight glazings, including soda-lime and aluminosilicate compositions, that provide a thin or ultrathin glass to significantly lower weight while still meeting all regulatory requirements.
  • Car-sharing glazing solutions that help keep fleet cars in service and free of glass chips, scratches and cracks.
  • Environmentally advanced glazing solutions that improve fuel efficiency, powertrain performance and aerodynamics while reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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