Machinery & Equipment

Vitro offers high-quality machinery and equipment for glassmaking.

FAMA, Vitro’s wholly owned subsidiary, is the top supplier of metal-mechanical equipment to the glassmaking industry in Mexico and Latin America, offering a complete range of machinery, equipment and professional services for glass manufacturers.

Our state-of-the-art technology helps customers increase productivity and lower costs. With more than 70 years of industry experience, we have broad knowledge of IS machine manufacturing, furnace construction and glass industry turnkey project installation.

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FAMA’s products and services can be classified into five categories: Machinery, Molds, Special Equipment, Automation and Engineering Services. 


Vitro’s extensive experience in container glass manufacturing and commitment to innovation and continuous improvement make FAMA’s IS machines the best option to reach high productivity standards in glass manufacturing processes.

Our internally developed engineering technology provides a more efficient, continuous and versatile process that reduces down-times and product defects, which translates into increased profitability.


Our integrated process for the hollow glass container industry begins with mold design in the foundry and ends in material machining.

Our foundry can provide molds of both gray and nodular iron, as well as cast-to-order molds of any container shape and size. We are equipped with automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation molding machines, which gives us the flexibility to produce rush orders, unique molds and different metal combination works. Our casting is quality-certified through our internal chemical and metallography laboratories.

Special Equipment

We provide machinery and spare parts necessary to maintain equipment for the automatic rotary inspection and packing of glass bottles.

Engineering Services

At FAMA, we have experienced and highly qualified engineers to support clients in project construction, plant maintenance and glass furnace manufacturing. In addition, we can provide audits, technical assistance and training to achieve clients’ goals for optimizing operations and improving production processes.


FAMA provides the architectural and automotive flat glass industry with equipment, control systems and structures for glass bending and handling. We also provide engineering services for manufacturing and other industries. 

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