Comprehensive Competitiveness

A holistic standard of success.

Since its inception, Vitro’s corporate philosophy has embraced a holistic definition of success that is rarely found in global companies of our size and breadth.

At Vitro, achievement isn’t just measured through economic value. Success also lies in the well-being of our stakeholders, our partners, the people who use our products and even those who don’t. We believe that good corporate citizenship involves transparency, sustainability and attention to both public and private health within the communities in which we do business.

At Vitro, Comprehensive Competitiveness means:

  • We’re committed to transparency and responsible behavior at all levels of the organization.
  • We strive to operate efficiently, develop and strengthen our customer relationships and the value chain, and to consistently venture into new markets and technologies.
  • We generate value and share its benefits with the community in a transparent manner.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and the law, which strengthens trust.

Vitro always strives to satisfy high ethical standards by responding to the short-, medium- and long-term needs of our stakeholders, operating under the framework of our corporate-wide Code of Business Conduct and Business Ethics. This document guides our decision-making in situations such as conflicts of interest; loans to staff; the use of facilities; the materials and information Vitro produces; working and internal communication, among others. Further, our whistleblower hotline, Alert!, provides Vitro suppliers, clients and employees with an anonymous, secure and open communication channel-- without fear of retribution—for reporting cases that may breach of our Code of Ethics.

We have been recognized nationally and internationally for our advances in quality, integrity, production, safety, environmental management, social responsibility and ethical performance by such organizations as the Mexican Association of Packaging and Packing, the Glass Packaging Institute and the World Packaging.


Because of the COVID-19 we have created an Addendum to our Code of Ethics which you can find in the following link:

Code of Ethics - COVID-19 Addendum

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