Vitro takes active steps to protect the environment.

Backed by responsible operating experience and corporate governance, Vitro respects all legislation regarding the natural environment in all the communities where we maintain a presence.

We support several initiatives that promote protection of the environment and the reduction of energy consumption in the glass manufacturing process and from homes, commercial buildings and automobiles. Among them are:

  • End-Use Energy Consumption & Emissions Reduction
    Every year, Vitro Architectural Glass produces around 200 million square feet of low-e glass that helps dramatically reduce energy consumption in homes and buildings all over the word. This annual production total has the potential to reduce annual energy consumption by as much as half a million kilowatts and tens of thousands of therms. This would remove several billion tons of carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere every year of the building’s lifetime.

  • Glass Recycling
    Since glass is 100% recyclable, Vitro’s Mexico glass plants recycle post-consumer glass through our robust Glass Recycling Program, one of the most impactful programs of its kind in Latin America; Vitro’s U.S. plants participate in a post-industrial glass reuse initiative, re-melting waste glass from its customers. The implementation of efficient processes and adherence to high standards of respect for the environment are key to our daily practices.

  • Oxy-Fuel Furnace Technology
    Vitro Architectural Glass utilizes and licenses proprietary Vitro-owned and patented oxy-fuel furnace technology for glass making. This technology uses oxygen to combust sand, silica and other raw materials, reducing natural gas consumption by 15 percent, carbon emissions by 10 percent and NOx emissions by more than 50 percent compared to traditional gas/air-fired glass furnaces. Pioneered and perfected at Vitro’s Meadville, Pennsylvania automotive float glass plant, the company now licenses this process to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for other glass manufacturers around the world. This technology is currently in use at Vitro’s float glass plants in Wichita Falls, Texas, Fresno, California and Meadville, Pennsylvania.

  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
    In 2017, Vitro Architectural Glass published third-party-verified, product-specific Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its flat glass and processed glass products, becoming the first architectural glass manufacturer in North America to do so. EPDs are voluntary and transparent reports made by companies regarding the life-cycle impacts of their products on the environment. Reporting and documentation for product-specific EPDs address energy use and emissions associated with a product’s manufacture and packaging, as well as the extraction, transportation and processing of related raw materials.

  • Environmentally Advanced Automotive Glazings
    These automotive glazings improve fuel efficiency, powertrain performance and aerodynamics while reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from cars.

  • Vitro Park “El Manzano”
    which offers camping areas and cabins open to the public to promote permanent environmental awareness programs to visitors.

  • Chipinque Ecological Park
    a protected natural area that seeks the conservation of biodiversity, promoting a culture of respect and appreciation for nature and guaranteeing future generations access to this invaluable heritage.

  • OVIS Wildlife Organization
    which conserves the wild flora and fauna of four priority ecological reserves through scientific research programs for the sustainable management of ecosystems and the promotion of environmental education projects. This project protects about 1,023 species of flora and fauna, of which three are in danger of extinction, 44 are in danger and 31 are in protected status.

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