The Vitro Glass Recycling Program

Post-Consumer Recycling

As one of the glass-making leaders throughout the world, we have a clear opportunity to contribute to sustainable development because of the characteristics of this material.

Vitro’s Mexico glass plants participate in the Vitro Glass Recycling Program to help maintain a premise of efficiency in our environmental approach. Post-consumer glass is 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed indefinitely if it is handled properly, which allows the conservation of the Earth's natural resources. In 2016, Vitro’s Mexico glass plants recycled nearly 97,000 tons of post-consumer glass.

The natural degradation of glass turns it back into sand, without releasing substances that could be harmful to the environment. Therefore, the direct impact of our products on biodiversity at the end of their life cycle is practically zero. This means that each time we produce a product, we also generate the potential capacity to use it as raw material once its useful life in the market ends. This project represents a great logistical effort of collection and separation, since classification and treatment of glass is required to eliminate impurities and ensure the quality of the resulting product.

Vitro’s Glass Recycling Program was recognized as one of the Best Social Responsibility Practices in 2011 by the Mexican Center for Financial Planning (Cemefi) for its high social and environmental impact.

Post-Industrial Glass Reuse

Vitro’s U.S. float glass plants participate in a post-industrial glass reuse initiative in which glass returned from our customers is re-melted and processed into new glass products. High quality standards and rigid processes within our manufacturing processes and supply chain management ensures post-industrial glass products of the utmost quality.

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To learn more about Vitro’s Glass Recycling Program, review our 2016 Sustainability Report, which details efforts such as recycling nearly 97,000 tons of glass and consuming over 76,000 gigajoules of electrical energy from renewable sources.

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