The Vitro Glass Museum

Our tribute to the history of glass.

The Glass Museum rescues and preserves artifacts related to the history of glassmaking in Mexico and educates visitors on the country’s rich heritage in this industry. Located at the site of the general offices of what was Vitro’s original factory in Vidriera Monterrey SA, Mexico, the Glass Museum was established in 1989 with the endorsement of Mexico’s Institute of Anthropology and History.

The restoration of the old building into the Glass Museumrespected the architectural patterns of the time and preserved the materials with which the original building was constructed, including bricks, mosaic floors, wooden planks, stairs and the four iron columns that formed the infrastructure. 

A multidisciplinary team of museum curators, researchers and architects was commissioned to create and assemble the museum’s artifacts and galleries. The museum opened in 1992, with three floors of exhibition rooms for its permanent collection.

Visitors to the "home of Mexican glass" can take a chronological tour through the different stages of the glassmaking in Mexico. The first level introduces traditional European glass from the 16th to the 19th centuries, the arrival of glass on our continent and its comparison with European production. Pulquero glass, of Mexican origin, is one of the attractions on this floor.

The second level is dedicated to popular and industrial glass. Its galleries hold many examples of handcrafted glass, produced both by anonymous artists and by recognized names, such as the Ávalos family and the Abundis workshop. Also on this floor is a traditional 19th century pharmacy and a series of pharmaceutical glass specimens of the time, as well as an exhibit recreating the workshop of Claudio Pellandini and Víctor Marco, stained glass window pioneers in Mexico from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Finally, the floor houses three rooms devoted to industrial glass in Mexico featuring examples of the first series of glass products manufactured in Vitro’s subsidiary, VPM LAN Planta García. 

The top floor of the museum houses the permanent collection of contemporary glass art, which consists of works by local, national and international artists.

The Museum of Glass offers guided tours for schools, as well as for associations and children's groups of the Monterrey community. Volunteer-led visits for the public may be arranged in advance, with tours conducted in both Spanish and English. 

For more information, contact the Glass Museum or visit our website.

Phone: +52 (81) 8863-1000 ext 1052 or 1070 

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