15 Oct 2021 Vitro
Vitro will invest in the construction of a new Glass Containers furnace

On October 12, Vitro announced an investment of approximately $ 70 million for the construction of a new Container furnace at the Vitro plant in Toluca, State of Mexico.

The investment was approved to meet the increased demand for glass containers in the various segments in which the company participates.

“This new furnace will have the best technology for the manufacture of glass with high quality, design and a high level of sophistication. With this new furnace we will be able to offer greater availability of value-added products,” said Adrián Sada Cueva, Vitro's CEO, also reiterating that this investment confirms Vitro's commitment to offer the best level of service to its customers and markets worldwide.

In 2007, Vitro began operations in one of the largest glass packaging plants in the world to meet, among others, the requirements of the packaging markets for cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries and pharmaceuticals with high quality and efficiency standards.

“The new furnace will provide additional capacity to support our customers and their growing requirements for glass containers, providing a higher level service in the regions and segments where we participate. The furnace will have state-of-the-art technology to manufacture high-value-added glass containers with sustainable processes,” said Schlomo Frymerman, Director of Glass Containers. 

Construction of the new furnace will begin this year and start its operation in the first half of 2023.